Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I am not going to let another month go past without jumping right into my June blog post. This is one of those months that seems to whip by every year in a blink of the eye. Kids are out of school and it just seems that the attention gets so wrapped up in vacations and so many other activities the time flies by. And to top it off this means that half a year has almost slipped by as well....geez!

Okay, in the world of gemstones, June brings us the Alexandrite birthstone. This stone was originally founded in the the Ural Mountains of Russia in or around 1830. It was given the name Alexandrite after the boy czar Alexander II and this precious stone was rare and only given to royalty at the time.

The color found in a true alexandrite gem is sensational. It has the ability to change its color from a bluish-green in the daylight to a light purple raspberry-like color in incandescent light. Since I am wrapping synthetic stones they stay the purplish color.

The alexandrite gemstone is very scarce which is mainly due to it's chemical makeup. Its formation requires a specific geological condition of blending the chemical elements of beryllium and chromium together which, as a rule are not known for being mixed together. This is a rare scenario in the Earth's history, thus making the alexandrite gemstone quite unique and rare.

It seems that the Russian deposit were thought to be depleted and no more of this gem was left. However, in 1987 alexandrite was discovered in Brazil and since then India, Burma, Madagascar and Zimbabwe have also been contributing to the future of this gem.

I have displayed for you here several of my pieces which are either wrapped in sterling silver or rolled gold.
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