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For so many of us the last year was challenging in many ways, so now it's time to close the 2009 book and move on to a more prosperous New Year. So to start the year off right, I am putting some of my jewelry ON SALE! I've never done it before but figured I'd try different things this year. Since January is the month of the Garnet, I am putting three of my pieces up for sale.

This first piece is a beautiful 10mm (synthetic) garnet, wire-wrapped in rolled gold with a 6mm cubic zircon.

The size is 2.5 inches in height.

Not only is the garnet known as the birthstone for January,it’s an astrological birthstone for the sign of Capricorn. It’s the anniversary gemstone for the 2nd and 19th wedding anniversaries.

Garnet is derived from the Latin word "granatum" which means "pomegranate" which stone color resembles that of the fruit's seed.

My second garnet piece which I have put "on sale" is a 6mm garnet stone which is wrapped in sterling silver.

The size of this piece is 1.5 inches.

And finally, I am offering up this last garnetpiece which is also a 10mm garnet wire-wrapped in gold-filled wire.

The size of this piece is 2.5 inches.

It is said that King Solomon wore a large red garnet along with eleven other magical gems (representing the 12 steps of Jacob's Ladder) in his breast plate to help him win battles and to keep him in touch with the deity. In the 13th century, they were worn to repel insects and evil spirits and the evil eye of others.

In Egyptian times they were taken into the tombs with the dead as payment to the gods of the nether worlds and for their passage through the nether world safely.

Indulge yourself and go for something new.

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