Friday, April 22, 2011

Where Has Time Gone..

My oh my, where has the year hell and a handbasket for me!

To say that this past year was disasterous is putting it mildly. My family and I, like so very many others have had to overcome a plethora of obstacles. Dealing with the ups and downs of this economy. And that saying, "if it ain't one thing it's another" certainly seem to strick home. But whatcha gonna do except just keep on keeping on! However, despite it all we are surviving and can somewhat see the light at the end of the tunnel...dim, but still a light.

I recently reconnected with an old friend, who I hadn't talked to in over 15-20 years. I shared my moans and groans with her for a bit but she just wasn't gonna have it. One thing I always loved about this person was that she was one of those "get in your face with the truth" type of people. And despite the years passing, she is still that type of person and she wasn't gonna deal with the pessimistic attitude I had developed over the last two years. She grabbed my bootstraps for me, gave a good strong yank and kicked my bootie until I was standing up straight and taking back ahold of my life! She wasn't about to let go until I saw that light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks Carol!

Once I was back up, another friend managed to slap me around a bit more with a slightly different approach and now I'm feeling pretty darn good with both of my feet back on the ground. But she didn't stop there, she set me up with a really good friend of hers, and after talking to this guy for two hours, I now have a spring in my walk again, and hope in my heart. Thanks Dickie and David!

So, after all that abuse, I am reaching back into in my life and bring back doing things that have made me happy in the past. I just love creating aesthetic things, so I am back to creating on my jewelry and this blog.

And with that I am re-introducing to you my Cubic Zirconia pieces for the month of April (even though it's almost over).

My favorite cubic zircon wirewrapped piece in this gallery is this a 6mm cz wrapped in gold filled wire. The length of this piece is approximately 2 inches. The picture may not do it justice because this piece is just so beautiful.

Please take note also of the piece that is on sale for the month. This is a 6 mm cz wrapped in sterling silver. The approximate size is 2 inches in height.

Check out all these pieces at

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