Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yet again, another month has flown by and my blogging went to the back burner! May day, Cinco de mayo, a trip to Hawaii and learning all about FaceBook consumed my month. And because of that I missed sharing with you my wire-wrapped jewelry pieces representing the month of May. So here is one for the record. This 2" emerald pendant is made using sterling silver with a 8 mm synthetic stone. A beautiful piece for any time of year. Here is my offering of this May birthstone:

I think that the emerald is a perfect color for the month of May as it goes along with the signs of spring. It has such a vibrant and intense green color and it draws attention whenever it is worn.

The emerald is said to be one of the first precious stones to be mined by the ancient Egyptians. Gotta say Cleopatra loved them if pictures are to be trusted.

It is also a known fact that a true emerald (not the synthetic ones, which I use) will always show visible inclusions. If you pick an emerald and there are no inclusions then you surely are not looking at a true emerald.

There are many sites on the web that go into more detail on this beautiful stone, I just wanted to give you a hint of what its all about.

For a view at more of my pieces go to:

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